Old Westbury, New York

Old Westbury, New York is located in Nassau County.
Approx Population: 4228

Discover a paradise that allows a daily commute to New York City while giving its residents an opportunity to raise their children in an environment which offers outstanding school districts and universities, leading healthcare systems, phenomenal restaurants and trend-setting mega stores. Old Westbury, located on the North Shore of Long Island is that place!

Enjoy picturesque parks and beaches, manicured golf courses and boating off Long Island's North shore. Spend wonderful days visiting the East End with dozens of wineries, farm stands and country shops.

Old Westbury is a luxurious community, highly desirable for those who can afford to live there. With famous homes, including Old Westbury Gardens, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which is the former home of John S. Phipps, his wife, Margarita Grace Phipps and their four children. Built in 1906 by the English designer George A. Crawley, the magnificent Charles II-style mansion is nestled amid 160 acres of formal gardens, landscaped grounds, woodlands, ponds and lakes. Westbury House is furnished with fine English antiques and decorative arts from the more than fifty years of the family's residence.

There are other homes like this one, not quite as famous, but definitely as beautiful! Homes start at $2,000,000 and move on up from there. This is community has many private estates, and many gated communities, which enhances its overall prestige.

This is also the fabled Gold Coast, where turn-of-the-century tycoons such as the Vanderbilts, and Gueggenheims summered in opulent mansions and gardens. The North Shore of Long Island is also known as the "Heritage Trail". This region of the Island retains the character of years gone by, and much has been preserved-parts dating back to colonial times, the Revolutionary War era and the earliest days of the nation, when President George Washington traveled here in 1790.

The children certainly are winners here too. Old Westbury is part of an award winning school system and provides the children the highest quality of education, all the way from pre-school to post-graduate classes.

Those who assume that this part of the country has mostly a cold and dreary climate, couldnít be further from the truth. Summertime temperatures hover in the 70ís and 80ís and rarely hit the 90ís. Winters can get on the chilly side, if it hits below zero, the mercury doesnít stay there for long.

Once people settle here, they are not willing to leave, and there is a close-knit feeling to the community as a result ó but the residents are always ready to welcome newcomers to the family. Why not come and see for yourself!