Sands Point

Sands Point, New York, in Nassau county, is 15 miles NE of New York, New York. The village is conveniently located inside the Nassau - Suffolk metropolitan area. There are an estimated 2,786 people in Sands Point.

The Village of Sands Point, New York, which covers almost 3,000 acres at the tip of the Port Washington peninsula, was incorporated in 1910. (The Villages of Motts Point and Barkers Point were absorbed in l917). It is now home to more than 850 families, who enjoy its quiet rural atmosphere on the North Shore of Long Island less than 25 miles from Manhattan. Sands Point is a residential village: the only non-residential establishments permitted within the Village are houses of worship, primary and secondary schools, the Village Club, a nature preserve owned and maintained by Nassau County, a private golf club, and the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults. All of Sands Point is zoned for single-family dwellings only, and no partial rentals are permitted.

Most municipal services are provided for residents by the Village. Sands Point has its own water and police departments. The Village supplies refuse removal through its contract with a private carter. Most of the roads in Sands Point are owned by the Village, which contracts with independent firms for cleaning, plowing, and repair services. Fire protection, school, library, post office, and ambulance services are provided to Sands Point residents through the Port Washington Fire Department, School District, and Post Office. There are no sewers in Sands Point; solid waste is disposed of by private cesspools maintained by each home-owner.

Village services are paid for with funds raised primarily through Village property taxes. Sands Point residents also pay property taxes to the Port Washington School District, which supports the public schools and the public library; to the Town of North Hempstead; and to Nassau County. (County taxes are included in the Town tax bills.) Sands Point receives other income from its various fees, and from the state and federal governments.

The Village budget is drafted by the Mayor and adopted by the Board of Trustees. The Mayor and Trustees are elected by registered voters in annual elections held in the Village Hall during the third week in June and are responsible for the enactment of all Village laws and the appointment of all Village personnel, including the members of all other Village boards and commissions. (see Village Boards, Officials and Staff)

The People and Families of Sands Point

In Sands Point, about 71% of adults are married. Many folks in Sands Point are married and settled down. Families have pride of place in the village, and much of the housing seems designed with families in mind.

Wealth and Education

In 2000, Sands Point had a median family income of $200,001. Sands Point has more than its share of wealthy families and people. The village has a large middle class. You won't find a lot of people in Sands Point living below the poverty line. It's worth mentioning that smart, educated people feel at home in the village. A tendency for its residents to work at home is one of the things that define the lifestyle in Sands Point. If a good man (or woman) is hard to find, try looking in the village, where there happen to be many singles with good incomes.


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